Participatory Grantmaking is The Future of Philanthropy

On a quest to empower community leaders as social visionaries, Marion Rockefeller Weber initiated the first Flow Fund circle in 1991. Rather than working with money in a linear manner, where philanthropists perpetuate reactionary – yes or no responses – to grant requests, Flow Funding encourages the dynamic flow of financial and social capital spontaneously through the hands of new funders in an effort to democratize philanthropy.

Flow Funds as a Strategy for Innovation

By championing proactive community-building through smaller grassroots grants, Flow Funders see the needs and opportunities of the communities they serve because they are an integral part of the social fabric, catalyzing trust, compassion and innovation between the Funder and Recipient. In this new culture of giving, everyday community leaders become interlocketers in philanthropy.

2019 Los Angeles Arts Flow Fund

MOZAIK piloted its first Flow Fund in collaboration with Kindle Project in July 2019, welcoming a group of community artists and arts professionals working across diverse expressive mediums to allocate the foundation’s resources to six innovative artists and organizations working to empower arts activism across Los Angeles.

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As the stewards of an organization dedicated to democratizing philanthropy, we’ve been thinking about what MOZAIK can do at this time of global crisis. We are now partnering with the California Community Foundation’s COVID-19 LA County Response Fund to address the most immediate emerging needs of our region’s most vulnerable residents—from mitigation to eventual recovery. This new fund will support the community needs identified by our local partners in health, housing, education, and immigration, and will aid impacted individuals through CCF’s Pass It Along Fund

Although all in-person gatherings are postponed until further notice, MOZAIK will be curating a series of online resources and tools, starting with a community-assembled list of emergency relief funds and social safety net services for individuals, nonprofits, and small-businesses impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic across the State of California, and nationally. Access the COVID-19 Social Safety Net Resource Hub here.

We look forward to sharing more with you in the coming weeks.

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From all of us at MOZAIK