Re-Imagining Democracy


In the spirit of supporting an inclusive arts ecosystem that celebrates the essential power of scholarly discourse in the arts, The Future Art Writers Award launched in Summer 2021 to provide grants to emerging and established art writers covering contemporary visual art—with a focus on the art on view and this year’s theme: Re-Imagining Democracy. 

With pitch submissions from nearly 50 art writers across the country, the six inaugural winners of the 2021 Future Art Writers Award represent a collective intonement on the ideals of democracy, justice, and human freedom. Interdisciplinary, ethnographic, radically collaborative and celebratory of the artistic achievements of the 50 U.S. artists that answered the call to reimagine democracy through their art, the 2021 Future Art Writers featured here expand democratic possibility through their literary analysis of the power of art as a captured reflection of our times. In turn, they assert their critical contributions to the expansion of a more just, diverse, inclusive and equitable art world.

This first edition of the MOZAIK E-ZINE is a manifestation of the literary contributions of the inaugural awardees of The Future Art Writers Award.

Leah Gallant

“Exhibition In Five Landscapes”

Jennie E. Park

“Re-Imagining Democracy, Re-Imagining Ourselves”

Isabel Yi Jimenez

“Art-Making As The Fabric of The Body Politic”

John “Jahni” Moore

“Re-Imagining Democracy: Answering The Call”

Stacey R. Queen

“Re-Imagining Democracy: A Cry For The Righteous”

Elizabeth L. Delaney

“The Work of Democracy”

On View Now: 2021 Future Art Awards Virtual Exhibition