Dedicated To The Brave Women & Girls of Iran

The 4th Edition of the MOZAIK E-ZINE is titled WOMAN. LIFE. FREEDOM. — A writerly exploration of art as protest in the movement for freedom in Iran.

Dedicated to all those who have and continue to risk their lives for freedom in Iran, the WOMAN. LIFE. FREEDOM. publication serves as a writerly exploration of art as protest, weaving together the featured art writers of the 2024 Future Art Writers Award. These writer activists, both from within Iran, and beyond its borders, come from all walks of life and creative expressions. Their contributions to these pages represent a collective intonement of the ideals of freedom, justice, equality and hope. They stand for an end to gender apartheid and a world worthy of future generations.

All submissions to the 2024 Future Art Writers Award were peer-reviewed by an independent jury of art writers, social movement scholars, and academics from educational institutions in the U.S. and internationally. We are proud to publish this edition of the MOZAIK MAGAZINE in collaboration with the Center for Iranian Diaspora Studies at San Francisco State University (SFSU), the first academic institution of its kind — dedicated to research and teaching about the historical and cultural experiences of the global Iranian diaspora community.


Featured Pieces

Artistic Activism and Feminist Placemaking in Iran’s ‘Women, Life, Freedom’ Movement

by Asma Mehan

Verses of Liberation: Year One Thousand Three Hundred and Forgetfulness

by Sheida Mohamadi

Anonymous Was a Woman. Life. Freedom.

by Shana Nys Dambrot

The Heart of Freedom

by Zoya Emami

Passport a Short Story, with a Foreword in Response to Shafagh Kalhor’s artwork “Stapled”

by Susan Skeele

Woman. Life. Freedom. Movement. Poetic Prose Collection

by Nenye Nnaemeka

The River and the Story

by Alborz Ghandehari

Cage Liner E-Zines

by Hasti Jafari

Eyelessness کورچشمى

Poem By Wanton Harlot translated by W. G. Karamiyan

To burn, die and rise again: The Qoqnoos as a metaphor for resistance in Iran

by Mina Etemad

The Trees We Carry

A graphic novel by Bahar Momemi

Blood Is All We Are Poems for Khoon 2022 خون

by Badri Valian & Sarah McCarthy Grimm

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Meet The Jurors


The artwork featured throughout the magazine comes from two virtual exhibitions dedicated to the WOMAN. LIFE. FREEDOM. movement in Iran and globally, exhibited in 2022 and 2023 to document the unfolding revolution in Iran. The exhibitions remain on view in perpetuity, free and open to the public:

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