Virtual Exhibition


An Arts-based Journey to Reflect, Reset, and Reimagine the Future

From animation to sculpture, film to the spoken word, murals, paintings, photography, mixed-media, political performance pieces, and even comedic satire, The Future Art Awards candidly explores a captured reflection of our times, offering new pathways of thinking, new modes of learning, and a virtual platform for the celebration of our creative reimagining of a more free world.


While the pandemic may indeed serve as a catalyst for reflection, we have been here before at pivotal moments all throughout human history—only to return to the status quo or settle for unsatisfying incremental action. As we’ve pondered this phenomenon of an imposed inertia, ripe for change, the human spirit bursts forth and into the streets with the undeniable yearning for racial, social, and environmental justice, and ultimately, a rebalancing of the scales of power. 


How do we leverage the pandemic as a catalyst to reimagine alternative futures and to look to the healing power of the arts for a blueprint for meaningful change?


After all, the arts have built cities and written histories. They’ve transformed dilapidated and abandoned streets and buildings into flourishing communities. They’ve enlightened intercultural understandings and represent a universal human experience through the beauty of a mosaic of distinct expressions. The arts often honor and pay tribute to our past by creating a record of what has come before, anchoring us for our move into the future by envisioning and materializing what comes next. By reestablishing context, whether by naming a truth, telling a story, or making a community visible, we distinguish ourselves through art against the often-homogenizing effects of globalization and the ongoing assault on arts’ education across centers of learning, both near and far.


Today, we stand in recognition of the fact that each experience within the pandemic is different and that the pandemic has affected us all in different ways. This exhibition features the works of 50 unique and deeply talented artists, both professional and amateur, from all walks of life, of all ages, and creative expressions. We hope you will join us on this journey of a collective reimagining, rooted in our experiences of the current pandemic, but with an eye towards positively and sustainably catalyzing our collective future.

Future Art Awards


Exhibition Theme: Art that sheds light on the global pandemic and helps us imagine alternative futures.


Exhibition Sub-Themes: Black Lives Matter, Revisionist History, Re-appropriation, Universal Human Rights, Perception and Reality, Conscious and Unconscious Bias, Grief and Loss, Existential Questioning, Memory, Love, Friendship, Home, Homeland, Intergenerational Wisdom, Nature, History, Modernity, Materialism, Political Corruption, Power, Authoritarianism, Oppression, Revolution, Technology, Surveillance, The Mundane, The Dream State, Mental Health, Environmentalism, Youth, Feminism, The Divine Feminine, Personal and Collective Identity, Urban Landscapes, Prophetic Landscapes, Transformations, Advocacy, and Awareness.


Solar Energy Trees: These eco creations are for aesthetic purposes only. They are not an official part of the exhibited works.


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