The Digital Awakening: An exploration and interrogation of meta-futures through the power of words.

2023 Future Art Writers Award

In the spirit of supporting an inclusive arts ecosystem that celebrates the essential power of scholarly discourse in the arts, the Future Art Writers Award provides grants to emerging and established art writers covering contemporary visual art—with a focus on the art on view in our annual virtual exhibitions and this year’s interpretive theme: The Digital Awakening

This 3rd edition of the MOZAIK E-ZINE is titled “The Digital Awakening” — an arts-based exploration and interrogation of meta-futures. 

As human beings begin to shift away from the physical world in favor of virtual and augmented realities, the world of art stands at the center of a global movement where immersive environments, online avatars, and the advent of a blockchain-based-future will inevitably have a profound impact on art, culture, politics, activism and the economy. 

The magazine features the literary contributions of MOZAIK Philanthropy’s 2023 Future Art Writers, accompanied by artworks from The Digital Awakening virtual exhibition, which opened free to the public in April 2023. Each writer explores the power of contemporary art to shape important ideas, questions, values and themes in the digital art world. The featured literary contributions address both general and specialized art audiences, contemplating the paradoxes – hopes, fears and curiosities – that come with the digital age, including Augmented reality (AR) and Artificial intelligence (AI), and the impact of mixed-reality futures on art and humanity. 

We are honored to recognize the 2023 Future Art Writers for their literary excellence.


Featured Pieces

“CLICK HERE FOR MORE!”; MOZAIK’s Digital Awakening Exhibition on the Meta-Future of the Art World

Sylvi Rose Stein 


The Machine in the Mirror: When technology asks us to consider our reflection for the better. A review of The Digital Awakening

Anna Seaman


Digital Delusion: Being There, Everywhere, Nowhere

Ana María Caballero

It’s Mental: Divination in the Digital Age

S. Kenan


“The Digital Awakening”: An Insight Into the Meta-Futures of Art at the Future Art Awards

 Langston Thomas


On The Dichotomy of Digital Self-Realization and Physical Self-Dissolution

 Ola Kalejaye

The Human League: Searching for Signs of Life in a Digital Gallery

Stephanie Rudig


Pearls of Frivolity

Mayookh Barua 


Out of Touch: Anatomical Alchemy in Virtual Art

Linda Wei

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