racial equity

racial equity


Racial Equity Statement

MOZAIK’s equity goal is to democratize access to our foundation’s philanthropic equity, while exploring new modes of participatory, inclusionary, and socially innovative grantmaking. We are fully committed to practicing philanthropy that is equitable and inclusive by inviting communities—with special attention to communities of color and those under-represented/under-supported across the philanthropic space—to help us to govern our grantmaking decisions.

As a minority and immigrant owned and founded organization, pursuit of justice and universal human rights is inseparable from our core values and is the very foundation of our mission and practices.

Our method of grantmaking embodies an unwavering dedication to exploring and modeling new practices in philanthropy with disruptive, creative, and catalytic potential by taking a critical eye to systems of oppression and marginalization that undercut fairness across multiple demographics, conditions and experiences. We are dedicated to broadening and diversifying our areas of focus through the unique perspectives and grassroots knowledge of our selected grantees and flow funders. This approach is aimed towards advancing a new, just economy and setting the gold standard in philanthropy at large that raises the bar on diversity, equity, inclusion, and access.

Our Commitment To Racial Equity

MOZAIK Philanthropy is committed to racial equity both internally through our leadership, policies, communications and personal and professional development opportunities; and externally through our grantmaking, partnerships and programming.

We will ensure that every policy and program enacted reflects the democratic principles of equity and justice.
We are committed to the just and equitable disbursement of grants, awards, accolades, and services.
Administration of policies, programs, and grantmaking will identify and avoid discrimination and barriers to access at all times.
We understand that grantmaking and programming in a just and equitable manner considers critical issues of implicit bias and discrimination that require concerted and purposeful action.
We are committed to inviting those who know the organizations and initiatives that will serve their communities the very best; thereby, democratizing access to our foundation’s philanthropic equity, while exploring new modes of participatory, inclusionary, and socially innovative grantmaking.
We believe that bringing together our board, staff, flow funders and other partners with diverse backgrounds and life experiences will enhance our ability to increase opportunities for all.
We will request, obtain and consistently reevaluate key demographics relevant and appropriate to measuring our equity goals including: race, color, nationality, and income level; paying special attention to communities of color, racially and ethnically diverse individuals, tribal communities, immigrant and refugee communities
We understand that building a race equity culture requires intention and effort. We are dedicated to working toward new commitments that actively dismantle structural racism wherever we encounter it.


We will keep holding ourselves and partners accountable to these commitments. We’ll keep listening, keep learning, keep expanding, and keep deepening these commitments. We’ll do the work of exploring and prioritizing, and turning these commitments into a reality so widely recognized, respected, and practiced that human rights, justice and racial equity is universally experienced.

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