Re-Imagining The Earth Through The Power of Words

Ecosystem X E-Zine

The sequential, generational impact of climate change, paired with social and spatial geopolitical inequities and injustices have ignited deep conversations and collective alliances around how to envision our roles as stewards of a just transition. How do we have a direct impact on the din of an indifferent world and replace it with an urgent appeal demanding action through every means and mediums possible? It is within this very context that a timely rhetorical query emerged, “How can art help society reimagine the future of life on Earth?” This question gave rise to MOZAIK Philanthropy’s 3rd cycle of The Future Art Awards: Ecosystem X — an arts-based exploration of life on planet Earth. 


The featured writers in this publication are the winners of the 2022 Future Art Writers Award. Their literary contributions are a manifestation of their perspectives and experiences with the art on view in the exhibition. We are honored to recognize the 2022 Future Art Writers for their literary excellence and hope that the power of their words serve as seeds for a regenerative future.


Featured Pieces

The Future is Non- Fungible

By Virginia Valenzuela


Mother Earth

By Stacey R. Queen


Ecosystem X: The Hybrid in Art History, from Monster to Survivor

By Shana Nys Dambrot


Google Maps Exhibition in Four Landscapes

By Leah Gallant 


Palabras guardan secretos, hidden by time, revealed by sacred sight 

By Abrava Ormiga

B.A.D A.R.T. (Bridging Ancestral Distances And Resurrecting Truth)

By John “Jahni” Moore



By Jayla Tang


Hope and Beauty on the Edge of Collapse: The Artist as Care-giver and Composter in Times of Ecological Uncertainty

By Elisabeth Buchet-Deák


The Circle of Life: Sacred Geometries and Other Forms

By Rodney Murray Jr.


God is Change, The Future is a Return

By Donasia Tillery

Radical Art: Healing through Nature and Remaking

By Haven Worley


Positive Futures: The Genesis of Demise 

By S. Kenan


Learn, Live, Prepare: A Guide to a New Ecosystem

By David Adamo


Love Realized: On an Earth—and the Limits Beyond—No Longer Alien 

By Kathryn Simmons


This Painted Sky

By Rob Goyanes

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