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Ecosystem X

On View Now: 2022 Future Art Awards Virtual Exhibition

The sequential, generational impact of climate change, paired with social and spatial geopolitical inequities and injustices have ignited deep conversations and collective alliances around how to envision our roles as stewards of a just transition. How do we have a direct impact on the din of an indifferent world and replace it with an urgent appeal demanding action through every means and mediums possible? It is within this very context that a timely rhetorical query emerged, “How can art help society reimagine the future of life on Earth?” This question gave rise to our 3rd cycle of the Future Art Awards: Ecosystem X.

ECOSYSTEM X explores how a growing interdisciplinary consortium of creatives from across the United States are using the power of art to interrogate and actualize the socio-environmental values that we so strongly believe are intrinsically important in catalyzing a just, equitable, and morally inclusive future for all people in all places. From artists using incredible living materials like aloe, spores, and fungi, to indigenous ethno-poetry, to utopianpolitik futuring and out-of-this-world space exploration, Ecosystem X investigates and defines how we view an aspirational interrelationship between humanity and the Earth from the lens of sustainability, healing, and justice. This is art that unapologetically centers on transforming the conditions that inform, guide, and manifest in our society across the built and the unbuilt (natural) environment.

The 2022 Future Art Awards celebrate the individual and collective reimaginings of artists who dare to vision a just and flourishing future through the healing power of art. Join us in honoring these cutting-edge, creative changemakers who work to transform our world.

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The Circle

Democratizing Art Spaces

“Many cultures across time have drawn on the circle as a symbol of unity, one that creates non-hierarchical spaces for communion. In the arts, circular structures center audiences as active participants in the creative process. Visitors can choose their own path around the virtual gallery. The artworks selected by the jury as featured artworks are positioned on either side of the entrance; those that received honorable mentions complete the circle.” — Dr. Shiva Balaghi, art historian, educator, and curator of the 2021 Future Art Awards: Reimagining Democracy exhibition.

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